11 May 2011

Hoba Meteorite: Namibia, 1920

The Hoba meteorite is the largest example known anywhere on the planet. For a full report, I’ve transcribed a historical account here.
17 Apr 2011

Barea Meteorite: Spain, *1842

Barea fell in the La Rioja region of Spain in 1842. It is an incredibly rare meteorite – only 3,200g were recovered, and at least 1,800g are resident in institutions. In addition, it is one of only
17 Apr 2011

Tennasilm Meteorite: Estonia, *1872

Tennasilm is an L4 chondrite, which was seen to fall over Estonia in 1872. Around 28,5kg of material was recovered. This lovely part slice weights 1.92g.  
17 Apr 2011

Shalka Meteorite: India, *1850

Shalka fell in West Bengal, India, in 1840. A rare diogenite, only 4,000g of the meteorite were recovered. The material is extremely friable. This piece weights 0.93g and descends from the Prof. Martin Horejsi collection.
15 Apr 2011

Tunguska Event: Russia, *1908

The Tunguska Event is one of the most mysterious and astonishing happenings of recent times. For a full report, check out my article here.  
11 Apr 2011

Rocks In My Head

I recently told a friend how I sometimes stand in my garden at night, gazing up at the moon while holding a piece of it in my hand. She looked at me sideways, probably wondering if I’d
31 Mar 2011

Dundrum Meteorite: Ireland, *1865

Dundrum is a remarkably rare and difficult specimen to acquire. The total known weight of this stone, which fell in Munster in 1865, is only 2,270g. About 1,700g is in the Museum in Dublin, with another 400g
29 Mar 2011

Alborow Meteorite: England, *1642

Alborow (or, as the town is now spelt, Aldeburgh) was reputed to be the location of a fallen meteorite in 1642, at the outbreak of the English Civil War. An account is extant produced by one T
28 Mar 2011

Birki Meteorite: Turkey, *1325?

According to the Islamic traveller and explorer Ibn Batuta, a meteorite was reported to have fallen near the historical city of Birki in Turkey, some time before 1325. Here is an account of his meeting with the local
28 Mar 2011

Hatford Meteorite: England, *1628

Hatford is the earliest British fall for which I’ve been able to find any record. It fell near Oxford on a sunny day in April, about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. There are two surviving accounts of