MetSoc database The Meteoritical Society online. By far the most comprehensive online meteorite database
NHM database The database of the Natural History Museum. Doesn’t give as much information as the Met Soc, but has some useful summary pages
Encyclopedia of Meteorites Not an ‘official’ site, but sometimes covers meteorites not referenced by the two above. Includes lots of photos (and you can upload your own collections)
MetBase MetBase is a pay-for PC database which includes a huge range of data-extraction tools, photos, disposition of material, etc. (Note – no online searching)
Is it a meteorite? There are lots of things which look a bit like meteorites, or which claim to be meteorites, but which aren’t. They’re called meteorwrongs. Rather than re-invent the wheel, here’s an excellent overview from the Meteorite Exchange with links to pages showing things that are – and aren’t – meteorites.


British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) A fairly self-explanatory title – set up to provide a UK/Ireland presence for what is a largely US-based hobby
International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) The IMCA has a range of functions, but a key one is ensuring authenticity. If you buy from an IMCA member you can be pretty sure you’re getting the real McCoy – the association is self-policing as well as keeping an eye out for fakes in general


There are a lot of meteorite dealers out there. These are simply a few dealers I’ve dealt with personally, and would recommend to others. Absence from this list in no way a criticism of any other dealer. Many dealers trade mainly on eBay; as with any eBay purchase, check feedback and decide for yourself. IMCA members are invariably trustworthy, but not all trustworthy dealers are IMCA members.


Mirko Graul Meteorites Mainly deals in iron meteorites. In my opinion, Mirko’s are some of the most beautiful etched specimens around. Site is in German
Meteorite Market Eric Twelker has been dealing online for over 12 years. Some interesting specimens as well as books, display items and general meteorite information
PolandMET Marcin Cima?a sells lots of NWA (north-west Africa) finds, but also carries historic specimens, display items, impact breccia (terrestrial rock which is crushed and transformed as a result of meteorite impact) and more
SV Meteorites Sergey Vasiliev carrys a range of different meteorite types, including some impressive lunar and martian specimens, and some rare historicals. Also has some very cool 3D virtual images
Jurassic Jewellery Ian Barrett is a UK-based BIMS member who sells meteorites and tektites, as well as fossils, flints, and other items. His particular speciality is meteorite jewellery.
Jensen Meteorites Mike Jensen holds a reasonable stock, including some older/historic material, as well as collection boxes and books.



Msg-Meteorites Martin Goff is an BIMS member and an active UK collector