These are some images of thin sections of meteoritic rocks.

These images were again taken with the CH2 scope. Although somewhat better, some of the images still struggle with luminance range – either burnt out in places or under-exposed. All taken afocally with Fuji FinePix.

NWA 3118

CV3, Morocco, 2003. TKW 5,900g. This sample contains a bewildering array of different chondrules.


NWA 4438 (provisional)

L3.1, NWA, 2006. TKW 390g. These sections are cut a little thin, so the colouration is a bit unusual; however, really nice detail can still be seen.


NWA 4560

LL3.2, NWA, 2007. TKW 400g. Again, unusual colouration but nice detail



L6, New Mexico, 1954, TKW 104.8kg. A relatively small sample, there are a few relict chondrules.

(Thanks to Anne Black and Marcin Cimala for donating these slides)