Meteorites Archive

15 Nov 2013

Aumale Meteorite: Algeria, *1865

A nice, early African witnessed fall, Aumale fell in the Bouira region of Algeria in 1865. The total known weight is about 50kg, this part slice is 1.48g. A couple of reports from the time are given
15 Nov 2013

Parnallee Meteorite: India, *1857

Parnallee is a particularly attractive stone, an LL3.6, which landed in Tamil Nadu in 1857. The total known weight is around 77.6kg – a large lump of which sits in the Natural History Museum, London. It is
12 Nov 2013

Elbogen Meteorite: Czech Republic, *1400

As noted elsewhere, many meteorite enthusiasts believe the Ensisheim fall of 1492 is the oldest fall for which material still exists. It isn’t. Elbogen fell in the Zapadocesky region of what is now the Czech Republic in 1400. Around
12 Nov 2013

Carancas Meteorite: Peru, *2007

The Carancas meteorite landed in Puno, Peru on 15 September 2007, around 11.45am. The impact site is remote, at altitude, and close to Lake Titicaca – right on the Peru/Bolivia border. Initial reports were confused. There was a
12 Nov 2013

Bassikounou Meteorite: Mauritania, *2006

The Bassikounou meteorite fell to earth on 16th October, 2006, at around 4am. Total known weight is around 46kg, scattered along a strewnfield about 8km long. This specimen of mine is a lovely fresh example weighing 99g.
9 Nov 2013

Oldest Examples of Metalwork Found – in Meteoritic Iron

Cultures have been known to use meteoritic iron in antiquity, as meteorites represented a ready supply of workable metal. The Jalandhar meteorite, for instance, was made into a dagger, a knife, and two sabers which were presented
8 Nov 2013

Nakhla Meteorite: Egypt, *1911

The Nakhla meteorite has a number of claims to fame.  It is one of the rare specimens which have been shown to originate from the planet Mars – and a witnessed fall, one of only 5 martian
3 Nov 2013

New Historical Article on Hoba

I’m very grateful to Professor Peter Spargo (University of Cape Town) for permission to post a series of articles on the Hoba meteorite. First published in in Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa, they
24 May 2011

Hraschina Meteorite: Croatia, *1751

  The Hraschina meteorite is interesting in a number of ways. It was the earliest observed fall in what is now Croatia. It was also the first iron meteorite which was witnessed to fall to earth. Analysis
23 May 2011

Aegospotami Meteorite: Greece, *465 BC

One of the earliest falls of which I’ve been able to find any surviving accounts, the meteorite at Aegospotami fell around 465 BC. Exact dating is difficult, due to uncertainty caused by multiple dating systems at the time.