Partial list of possible candidates for meteorite parent bodies

Most, if not all, meteorites are believed to come from bodies in orbit around the sun which have collided. Fragments of these collisions are drawn towards the Earth under the influence of gravity, finally ending their journey on a blazing trail through the atmosphere before hitting the surface.

There is much speculation about what these parent bodies might be. In some cases (such as the Martian and Lunar meteorites) we have direct samples to compare with – physically, from the Apollo missions in the case of the moon rocks, and remotely via the many Mars landers which have sampled the material on the Red Planet.

More indirect means can be used: for instance, crushing fresh meteoritic material and comparing its spectral response against the spectra of some of the asteroids.

Below is a list of the major classes of meteorites, and indications of suspected or known parent bodies. Note that this list cannot be regarded as definitive!


Meteorite class Why? Origin Parent class Ref Notes
CM2 Spectral 1 Ceres G McSween, p93
CM2 19 Fortuna G Jeff Kuyken (
CO3 221 Eos + family K Jeff Kuyken (
CR Spectral 2 Pallas C McSween, p99
CR2 2 Pallas B Jeff Kuyken (
E4 Spectral 16 Psyche M McSween, p93
H* Spectral 6 Hebe S McSween, p94 – 97
L* Spectral 3628 Boznemcov√° O McSween, p98 Spectra match but too small?
L4 Spectral 433 Eros S McSween, p93
LL* Spectral 3628 Boznemcov√° O McSween, p98 Spectra match but too small?
LL* 25143 Itokawa S Jeff Kuyken ( Formerly 1998 SF36
Acapulcoite S(IV)? McSween, p168/169
Angrite Mercury?
Aubrite Spectral 44 Nysa E McSween, p93
Aubrite Spectral 3103 Eger E McSween, p167
Brachinite 289 Nenetta? via BIMS Tom Burbine and Paul Buchanan
Brachinite A, S(I), S(II)? McSween, p168/169
Diogenite Spectral 4 Vesta V or others?
Eucrite Spectral 4 Vesta V McSween, p93 or others?
HED 1459 Magnya? via BIMS Tom Burbine,  Paul Buchanan
Howardite Spectral 4 Vesta V or others?
Lodranite S(III), S(IV), S(V)? McSween, p168/169
Olivine Diogenite 4 Vesta V Jeff Kuyken (
Ureilite S(I), S(II), S(III)?? McSween, p168/169
Planetary Achondrites
Shergottite Mars
Nakhlite Mars
Chassignite Mars
Anorthosite Moon
Stony Irons
Pallasite Spectral 246 Asporina? A? McSween, p226
Pallasite 354 Eleonora Jeff Kuyken (
Mesosiderite A, S? McSween, p226
Iron M? McSween, p226
Iron 16 Psyche M Jeff Kuyken (
Iron 1986 DA M Jeff Kuyken (
Kaidun Phobos? various